Each year we celebrate with joy

St. Nicholas Postcard
Postcard: Spain/New York
St. Nicholas Center Collection
Each year we celebrate with joy the coming
Of that great Saint of old, we love so dear.
His legends are the stories we all cherish,
They call to mind that Christmas now is near

     O great St Nicholas, we hail and greet you,
     We thank you for the good news that you bring.
     O lead us on to Bethlehem, the Manger,
     Where we can pray and joyous songs forever sing.

Your love of children, marks your way of caring.
The students three, new life you bring to be.
The sailors, soldiers and the ones in prison,
Your power and prayer, the miracles we see.


Dear saint, your name brings hope and consolation
To people poor and those who suffer wrong.
The celebrations and the joy and splendour
Become the theme and message of our song.


We now receive the gifts you freely give us,
As tokens of your generosity,
That we must imitate and share the goodness
We at this season in each other see.


TEXT: J M Rosenthal, 2010
TUNE: Londonderry Air

Musical notation PDF

By the Revd James Rosenthal for: St. Stephen Walbrook, May 22 Russian Feast of the Translation Of the Relics to Bari, Italy
Used by permission.

Mp3 file from Oremus Hymnal.

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