Saints of Advent

Saints of Advent, Christmas joy,
Yours the message we employ
Waiting for our Saviour dear
As we sing that Christ is near.

Faroe Island St Nikolaus stamp
St Nikolaus

Gifts and generosity,
Nicholas, the people see
In the stories of your fame,
Children, sailors hail your name.

Faroe Island St Lucy stamp
St Lucia

Shine in darkness candles bright,
Lucy's image brings us light.
Martyred saint your name recalls
That Christ's light shines for us all.

Knights of Malta John the Baptist
St John the Baptist

John the Baptist herald's cry,
Gives a signal, Christ is nigh.
His are words that do compel
Hope in Christ, all shall be well.

Faroe Island St Thomas stamp
St Thomas

Thomas, once with doubt did sigh,
Now, My Lord and God, he cries,
Christmas leads to Calvary,
Resurrection sets us free.

Liechtenstein Nativity stamp
St Joseph - St Mary - Holy Family

Holy Joseph, none compare,
your devotion, love and care,
Guardian of the Holy One,
shows that new life has begun.

Blessed Mary, full of grace
Chosen by the Lord's embrace,
Mother by whom God is born
On that wondrous Christmas morn.

Mary, Joseph, John, we pray
Lucy, Nicholas, we say,
Thomas leading songs of praise,
As our prayers to Christ we raise.

Tune: MONKLAND 77 77

Musical notation PDF

St Nicholas Day—December 6
Immaculate Conception Blessed Virgin Mary—December 8
St Lucy's Day—December 13
St Thomas—December 21
St John Baptist—Advent 2 and 3
St Mary and St Joseph—Advent 4

Stamps: Ss Nicholas, Lucy & Thomas, Faroe Islands 1998; St John the Baptist, Knights of Malta, 1967; Ss Joseph & Mary, Liechtenstein, 1981. St Nicholas Center collection.

By the Lay Canon J M Rosenthal. Used by permission.

Mp3 file courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.

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