Children run and shout with glee

Risen Christ
Risen Christ with Saints Nicola & Stefano
Domenico Piola, Chiesa di Santo Stefano, Lavagna, Italy
Children run, and shout with glee, Alleluia!
It is Nicholas they see, Alleluia!
Bearing gifts, the love he brings, Alleluia!
Saint of Christmas, now we sing, Alleluia!
Blessed patron saint and friend, Alleluia!
Sailors, children you befriend, Alleluia!
Hear the songs, the church bells ring, Alleluia!
Thank you for the joy you bring, Alleluia!

TUNE: Easter Hymn 77 77 with Alleluias

Musical notation PDF

For St Silas Pentonville, Easter 2011. Used by permission.

Mp3 file from Oremus Hymnal.

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