We three kids

Nicholas statue
S. Nicolas, Fernwold Produtions
St. Nicholas Center Collection
We three sisters, filled up with fright
Ladies, yes, but not "of the night"
Sin will hurt you, we want virtue . . .
Help us, Lord, in our plight. . . .

O—— —— prayers are all that we can say
St. Nicholas, come save the day
More than kind-did-he give with char-i-ty
Nicholas, won't you stay?

We three sons were caught in a jam
Bathed in brine as salty as ham
When they pickled us
God sent St. Nicholas
Now we're his biggest fans. . . .

O—— —— Saint of Myra, can you see
"Nick at night" has set us free
Now we're living . . . through his giving
Three happy lads are we!

We are children, gifted and blessed
Hope to honor Nicholas best
Pray for others, sisters, brothers
God takes you through each test.

O—— —— make us icons as we go
Prayers for peace, God's love we show
May it please us to know Jesus
Heaven's gifts he'll bestow!

Text: Bill Quinlivan
Tune: THREE KINGS OF ORIENT 88 446 and refrain

Musical notation PDF

From Fr. Bill Quinlivan, frbillsings.com, used by permission.

Mp3 file from HymnSite.com.

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