A follower of Jesus II

St. Nicolas with children and ships
Holy card: Germany, ca 1850
St Nicholas Center Collection

This adaptation of the hymn by Luci Shaw brings an emphasis on Nicholas' role as patron saint of sailors and children

A follower of Jesus, by persecution torn,
Was Nicholas the Bishop, to noble parents born.
Forsaking wealth and power, he gave to all in need,
The bread to fill their bodies, God's love their souls to feed.
He taught the Gospel simply so all could understand,
Through works of loving kindness faith flourished in his land.
He sought and blessed the children, he shared in every way;
His memory is with us—we love him still today.
Like Jesus in the tempest, rebuking wind and wave,
The Patron Saint of sailors will call on Christ to save
For all who sail the oceans, for all who wait at home,
Blest Nicholas the Bishop prays always for his own.
His robe a bishop's crimson, our Advent patron lives,
In life of all who follow, in heart of all who give.
As Christmas fast approaches, we follow his good lead
In shariing our abundance with everyone in need.

Original text, stanzas 1, 2 & 4: Luci Shaw, 30 November 2003
Stanzas 3 and adaptation of 2 & 4: St. James Episcopal Church, Boardman, Ohio
Tune: EWING 76 76 D

Text: Luci Shaw, 30 November 2003
Tune: EWING 76 76 D

Musical notation PDF

or Traditional English Carol, The Holly & the Ivy

Musical notation PDF here and here

Copyright © 2003 Luci Shaw, used by permission of the author
Written for the choir at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Bellingham, Washington, St. Nicholas was first sung in Advent 2003

Mp3 files courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.

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