Those who love the saint of children

Written to remember those who have died, as Nicholas’s parents died, of the plague—ours being what we call CORONAVIRUS.
Saint Nicholas, St. Michael's Church, Roxell, Essex, England
Photo: Glass Mouse, Flickr, used by permission

Those who love the saint of children,
wait each year in constant prayer;
To receive the gifts he gives them
    as he shows his love and care.
Nicholas, the saint of Bari,
    Myra’s bishop hear our prayer,
As we join in celebration
    at this wondrous time of year.

Sailors, bakers, waiting women,
    all who call upon the name.
Nicholas the wonderworker,
    Listen, children sing your name.
May our world now hear the stories,
    you faced plague, and prejudice;
You can meet us in our wanting,
    bring us to the promised rest.

Sickness took your parents from you,
    yet you never cease to be,
Friend of all in need or trouble,
    students, soldiers, sisters three,
May your feast bring joy and pleasure,
    young and old your presence hail.
O great Bishop we salute you
    as for Christmas we prepare.

Text: J M Rosenthal 2020

Musical notation PDF


Musical notation PDF

Oh My Darling Clementine

Text by J M Rosenthal 2020, St James the Great, Merton, London, England; St Nicholas Society, used by permission.

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