The winter's coming nearer

St Nicholas Islip
St. Nicholas window
St Nichols Church, Islip, Oxfordshire
Photo: Rex Harris, used by permission
The winter's coming nearer,
The nights are growing long,
But we can light the candles
And sing a cheerful song:
We join in celebration
Of Nicholas tonight,
Remembering the kindness
In which he took delight.
Like him may we be helpers
To those whose life seems grey:
The anxious and the wretched
Near home or far away;
Children in dreary cities,
Lives spoilt by human greed,
The shipwrecked and the hungry
And all in any need.
Lord Jesus, channel through us
Your gifts of love and grace,
To make the world around us
A brighter, happier place.

Text: R. L. Sturch
Tune: WATTENDEN 7 6 7 6 by Alan Haywood
Musical notation PDF

The hymn was written for the St. Nicholas Patronal Festival family service at St Nicholas Church, Islip, Oxfordshire, England.

Copyright © 1992 Stainer & Bell, Ltd. (Admin. Hope Publishing Company, Carol Stream, Il 60188.) All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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Originally published in Hymns and Congregational Songs, Stainer & Bell, Ltd.

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