A Ballad of St Nicholas

St Nicholas window, St Mary's Church, Welwyn, England
Photo: John Salmon
Let us sing the song of Nicholas
The saint we celebrate
We are happy to remember him
His legends they are great
As he brings much happiness and joy
To every girl and boy
St Nicholas we cheer!

Glory, glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
St Nicholas we cheer!

As he saved the girls from poverty
The sailors sailed with ease
Innocent the soldiers now could be
His miracles we see
Golden balls show generosity
His bishop's robes dons he
St Nicholas we cheer!


Let us be like him in all he did
For Christmas we prepare
For in Bethlehem we now can see
Jesus, his Mother's care
As we celebrate this season bright
As children of the light
St Nicholas we cheer!


Text: J M Rosenthal
Tune: JOHN BROWN'S BODY (Battle Hymn of the Republic) 77 87 876 886

Musical notation PDF

Copyright © 2006 J M Rosenthal, used by permission.
For the publication of St Nicholas A Closer Look at Christmas by Wheeler/Rosenthal, Nelson, September 5, 2006

Mp3 file courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.

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