Far-shining names from age to age

St Nicolas with children
Saint Nicolas, Bramber Parish Church
The Bramber Patronal Festival procession stops at the statue during this hymn (see below)
Photo: Timothy L'Estrange
Far-shining names from age to age
enrich the Church's heritage,
the loyal liegemen of the Lord,
who found in him their great reward.
One-name from that immortal throng
inspires today our festal song:
in loving memory we hold
the Bishop and the Saint of old.
Who, far away in eastern land,
with gentle heart and open hand,
loved all things living, shared his store
with homeless men, who sought his door.
Friend of the poor, no less was he
the guardian saint of those at sea;
o'er wave-swept rock and sheltered bay
God's churches bear his name today.
And his the skill, the tender art
that wins trustful, child-like heart:
his dearest title to the end
"St. Nicholas the children's friend."
To thee, 0 Lord, the praise be given
for this true citizen of heaven:
a star above the stormy sea
to lead the wanderer home to thee.

Text: W H Savile (1859-1928), 1925

Musical notation PDF


Musical notation PDF
From Hymns Ancient, Modern, Revised.

This is the recessional hymn used at Evensong with the Boy Bishop Ceremony at Salisbury Cathedral.

At St. Nicholas Parish Church, Bramber, it is the opening hymn at their Patronal Festival. The procession stops at the statue of St. Nicholas after the second stanza:

Priest: The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance.
All: The memory of the just is blessed.
Priest: O God, whose glory the redeemed in heaven eternally adore:
grant that we who rejoice in the festival of Saint Nicholas our Patron,
may be brought to praise you in life everlasting;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
All: Amen

The hymn and procession then continue.

The hymn is given for December 6th, ST. NICOLAS, PATRON OF CHILDREN & SAILORS in Hymns Ancient and Modern Revised, 1950.

From St. Nicholas Parish Church, Bramber. Used by permission.

Mp3 files courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.

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