There was a Good Bishop whose story is told

"St. Nicholas"
Edward Hays, holy card, USA
Used by permission
There was a good bishop whose story is told;
his memory is glorious, his legends are bold:
Rejoice, rejoice, all people today,
rejoice, rejoice, today and alway!

We called him Saint Nic'las, a servant of Christ,
who loved little children and taught what was right:


He is Father Christmas, and Santa Claus too.
He helped many people, the stories are true:


At Christmas he calls to us, both young and old.
To see that the story of Jesus is told:


O blessed Saint Nic'las we hail you today.
The patron of many, to show us the way:


To be good and gen'rous to help those in need.
To be kind to others in both word and deed.


Text: J M Rosenthal, 2002
Refrain: Robert Willis
Tune: LOURDES HYMN 11 11

Musical notation PDF

Soloist: Jon Williams

This song for Saint Nicholas was sung at the 2001 St Nicholas Fest at Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, United Kingdom

By the Lay Canon J M Rosenthal and Dean Robert Willis. Used by permission.

Mp3 files courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.

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