Good St. Nicholas loved all people

Stained glass St Nicholas
Prayer card: Creative Communications for the Parish
St Nicholas Center Collection
Good St.Nicholas loved all the people
As our Lord Jesus Christ told him to.
Whenever he found them in trouble
He would pray so he knew what to do.
     He would help them in their troubles,
     He would help them on their way.
     He would give them what they needed,
     He'd stand by them day by day.
So when Nicholas found that a father
And mother were both full of pain,
He prayed about how he could help them
Pay their debts and be happy again.
     He must help them save their daughters.
     Keep them free to go their way.
     He must give them what was needed,
     He'd stand by them that sad day.
So he secretly went to their cottage
Slipped three coins of pure gold in their shoes,
So their debts could be paid, and the daughters
Would be free of [potential] abuse.
     Lord, he helped them, for he loved them,
     Just as we know you love us.
     Fill our hearts with joy and gladness
     As we praise St.Nicholas.

Text: Brenda Wilkins
Tune: We are a people of power


Sung at the Patronal Festival of St Nicholas Parish Church, Bramber, Sussex, England. Used by permission.

Mp3 file from Mission Praise Midi.

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