In the steps of St. Nicholas

St Nicolas, French Holy Card
Vintage French Holy Card
St Nicholas Center Collection
In the steps of St. Nicholas we gather to praise
God's love, through Christ Jesus who centers our days.
Through Myra's great Bishop whose faith calmed the seas,
We see our foundation of faith come to be.
A place of belonging, we welcome each one:
In vision and mission a place to become.
From the gifts of the Spirit, joyful worship and song,
A family of faith who in Christ will be strong.
Good St. Nicholas cared most for the poor and the small.
God's love shines through the children his example recall.
On the 6th of December and the whole great year through,
Help us welcome all the children and teach them of you.
As we share in the blessed feast of mystery and awe,
We give thanks for the holy meal grace and strength may we draw.
Simple bread made with love and care transformed in God's hand.
"Go in peace" are the words of love as we live God's command.
Through the pattern of Nicholas we learn how to give.
In the pattern of Jesus Christ we see how to live.
Together in laughter and feasting and call,
"Yevarechacha," the Lord bless you and keep one and all.

Text: Adele Lynch
Metre: 13 13 14 13

This hymn was written for the January 26, 2003, Parish Inauguration of the St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Darnestown, Maryland, USA. Used by permission.

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