Catalan Frescoes 1285 - 1300

Iglesia de San Fructuoso, Nicolás y Juan el evangelista — Bierge, Huesca

This 13th century church is noted for its exceptional wall paintings done by the anonymous Second Master of Bierge from around 1285 to 1300. The life of Nicolás is featured as one large panel, now in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona. There are an additional three scenes portraying St. Nicholas that have been restored to their original location in the church.

Bishop Nicholas shown flanked by two deacons and two acolytes
Row 1: Infant Nicholas refusing breast on fast days ~ Scholar Nicholas ~ Enthronement as Bishop of Myra
Row 2: Unharmed baby in bath over fire while ~ mother at consecration ~ Three dowerless maidens
Row 3: Nicholas giving gold to maidens ~ Evil butcher and three students
Row 4: Nicholas prayer resuscitates students ~ Boy lost and found
The tomb of St. Nicholas, with manna flowing down healing supplicants
The Deceitful Borrower ~ His "reward" and conversion

The three Nicholas scenes are in place to the left of the window. The paintings were removed and mounted on canvas in 1949. All the images from this wall were put back into their original places in 1994.

The Church


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Iglesia de San Fructuoso
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The individual photos: Antonio García Omedes,  Romanico Aragones, used by permission;

The complete Life is from Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, public domain

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