Saint Nicolas

Illustrations from a Belgian Saint Nicolas booklet printed in 1924. Can you identify the stories shown in each picture? Captions are from the original French.

St Nicolas with children in tub
The miracle of the three children
Nicolas entering church
Stop, my son, tell me your name!
Nicolas consecration
Here is the new bishop of Myra
St Nicolas with prisoners
Courage, those who die martyrs go to Heaven
St Nicolas on ship in storm
Ah! Holy priest of the Lord, help us!
St Nicolas putting gold through window
The father who this time was watching, leaped.
Children putting shoes before fireplace
Didn't you put your shoes by the fireplace?
Children receiving gifts
Toys and sweets will be given to you in the name of this great Saint

From Saint Nicolas, Edition de la Librairie Marette, Bruxelles, 1924. St Nicholas Center Collection.

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