Scenes from the Life of St Nicholas

St Nicolaaskerk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A series of frescos illustrating scenes from the life of St Nicholas, painted by Jan Dunselman between 1918 and 1921.

Nicholas giving dowry money
Nicholas giving gold to provide dowries
Ordination of Nicholas
Nicholas ordained to priesthood
Nicholas and the storm
Quieting storm on way to the Holy Land
Nicholas and the sailor
Fallen sailor revived
Nicholas selected as bishop
Nicholas selected to be Bishop of Myra
Consecration of Nicholas as bishop
Consecration as Bishop of Myra
Nicholas saving innocent
Rescuing innocent soldier from execution
Nicholas providing in famine
Securing grain for the people of Myra
Nicholas destroying Temple of Artemis
Destroying the Temple of Artemis
St Nicholas with the children in the tub and the old and new Nicolaaskerks
Photo: J Rosenthal

Images courtesy of Jan Wasmus, Sint Museum, Geldermalsen, the Netherlands

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