Saint Nicholas at Boyana Church

Boyana, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Boyana Church was dedicated to Saint Nicholas when it was built around AD 1000. A mid-13th century addition added an additional dedication to St. Panteleimon. The church is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its 13th century frescoes.

The frescoes, written in 1259, cover the interior with eighty-nine scenes including 240 human figures. Eighteen of the scenes tell the life and miracles of St. Nicholas. The St. Nicholas frescoes are in the narthex. Ten of them are shown here.

Saint Nicholas
Saint Nicholas calming the sea
Saint Nicholas saving three innocents from execution
Saint Nicholas visiting Constantine in a dream to save the three generals
The three generals thank Saint Nicholas
Saint Nicholas destroy the statue of Artemis
Saint Nicholas expelling a demon from a tree
The death of Saint Nicholas
Saint Nicholas miraculously returns the carpet that had been sold
Saint Nicholas returns Basilios to his parents

Stories shown in the frescoes

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land—calming the sea
Righter of Wrongs—saving three innocents
The Emperor Dreams—saving three generals
Nicholas and the Temple of Artemis
Come Out—expelling demons
Grace Received: the Death of Nicholas
Miraculous Redemption— carpet exchange
Kidnapped!—Basilios returned
The Boyana Church


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Boyana Church

Photos 1-4, 6-8, 10 by Georgi Genchev, The Boyana Church,, permission pending.
Photos 5 & 9 from Balkan Heritage Foundation, permission pending.