Make St. Nicholas Lego Minifigures

—Two Ways!

Here are two ways to convert a Lego Santa Minifiure into St. Nicholas! The first just requires a color printer and good crisp paper. The second uses a 3D printer to make a miter and crozier. Both begin with a plain red Santa Minifigure with a white beard.

Lego Minifigure St. Nicholas #1

Make with color printer

Lego St Nicholas
Lego St. Nicholas #1
Click for full-size PDF pattern

Make a cloak and miter for St. Nicholas.

  1. Print the PDF pattern; be sure to set "Page Scaling: None" or "Scale: 100%" to get the correct size.
  2. Use a 3/16-inch punch to make the three holes.
  3. Put the cloak's punched holes between the body and the beard; put the center one in place first, then the two side holes. For the miter, put adhesive on the straight tab, fold it over straight behind miter front, fold miter in half, securing the back to the tab.
  4. Getting the cloak on is a bit tricky, so do help a child assemble St. Nicholas.
Lego St Nicholas
Lego Series 8 Santa Minifigure with pipe cleaner crozier (crozier looks big because it is out in front)
Lego St Nicholas
Lego Set #853353 Holiday Scene Magnet

Lego Minifigure St. Nicholas  #2

Make with 3D printer

Lego St Nicholas
Lego St. Nicholas #2, made with 3D printed miter & crozier

Print .stl files with a 3D printer to make a miter and crozier for Lego Minifigure St. Nicholas.

Click the pictures below to download a .zip file with three .stl files: miter, crozier, and miter with base.

Miter & Crozier patterns
Click to download zip file with all 3 stl files

Giant Lego Sinterklaas made for the Lego World exhibit in the Netherlands, 2008

Lego St. Nicholas Minifugure I from A-Tembo, a large toy store in the Netherlands that specializes in Lego products.

Lego St. Nicholas Minifugure II with 3D printing by D-Byte from Thingiverse.
Used under Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike license.

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