Saint Nicholas Spoon Saint

These spoon Saint Nicholas figures may be used as ornaments, standing figures, or just made for fun!

Three Spoon Saint Nicholas


  • Wood craft spoons
  • Red, yellow or gold, and white construction paper
    pre-cutting appropriate-sized rectangles makes it easier to cut pieces
  • ½, ¼, and 1/8-inch strips of yellow or gold construction paper
  • Pattern printed on card stock, optional, as pieces may be cut free-hand
  • Optional embellishments: gold metallic chenille stems, gold gummed seals


  • Scissors
  • Sharp pencils, if transferring pattern
  • Tacky glue
  • Fine point marker to make eyes, suggest Pigma Micron markers
    • ¼-inch paper punch to make gold balls
  • Paper cutter
Back view


  1. Cut out desired pieces
  2. Glue yellow strips to decorate robe and miter, if desired
  3. Glue robe to front of spoon
  4. Glue hair to back of spoon, positioning carefully
  5. Glue miter in place on front of spoon
  6. Glue beard in place on front of spoon
  7. Draw eyes and nose, as desired
  8. Glue crozier and gold balls in place, if desired

To make an ornament: add cord for hanging
To make standing figure: glue to spring clothespin to make stand


PDF with complete directions and pattern
Saint Nicholas Spoon Saints


A variation with felt and google eyes from Sycamore Stirrings

Saint Nicholas Spoon Saint adapted from Spoon Saints Craft Project by Alice Gunther, Cottage Blessings, and, also, Angela Boord, Three Plus Two. Used by permission.

Copyright © 2007 St. Nicholas Center
Patterns may be printed for use with non-profit groups making art and craft projects. For all other uses, please request permission from Thank you.

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