St. Nicholas Laminated Ornament

Make a sturdy two-sided St. Nicholas ornament!
PDFs in two sizes make ornaments 8- or 5-inches tall. The larger size is better for young children, as it is easier to cut out.

2 St Nicholas ornaments


  • Bright white paper for good color resolution (I used HP Presentation Paper, 32 lb)
  • Hot laminator or cold laminating sheets (C-Line Cleer Adheer One-Sided Laminating Sheets)
    Hot laminting makes stiffer, sturdier figures
  • Glittering Gold Scribbles Paint or glue and gold glitter (optional)
  • Narrow red ribbon
  • Gold bells, optional


  • Scissors
  • Paper punch (1/8-inch is nice)
2 St Nicholas ornaments
PDF to print 8-inch ornament


  1. To print ornaments: print as many of the PDF page 1 as needed; then print page 2 on the reverse
    For good, bright colors, use best quality print setting
  2. Cut out figure from the front side (the black lines are thicker on the back to help avoid white showing)
  3. Laminate figures with hot laminator or use cold laminating sheets on each side
  4. Cut out again, about 1/8-inch outside edge of figure
  5. Punch hole at top of miter for ribbon to hang
  6. Embellish crosses and crozier with gold glitter paint, or glue and glitter, if desired
  7. Use red ribbon to make hanger
  8. Add gold bells, if desired
Triple ornament
PDF to print 5-inch ornaments

With thanks to David M. Pelletier

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