Paper Plate Nicholas

Make a standup St. Nicholas with a paper plate—he can even be a treat bag!

If making it with young children, cut out all the pieces; if older, print the pattern sheet for each child so they can cut out the pattern pieces and then make their own pieces.

Paper Plate St Nicholas


  • Red gift / party bag, 10 x 5 inches
  • 9-inch white paper plate
  • Light tan construction paper for face
  • Red construction paper for miter & nose
  • Black construction paper for shoes
  • Metallic gold paper for cross
  • Wiggle eyes, 0.7-inch
  • Cardstock to print pattern, if desired


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Red marker to make mouth
  • Optional: 3/4-inch punch to make a nice nose
  • Optional: paper cutter
  • Optional: stapler


  1. Print pattern below on cardstock, or make pieces free-hand
  2. Cut out pattern
  3. Draw around pattern pieces on construction paper; cut out
  4. Cut paper plate in half
  5. Glue face to paper plate
  6. Glue cross pieces to miter
  7. Glue miter to top of face
  8. Glue eyes and nose to face
  9. Draw mouth
  10. Glue shoes to bottom of bag so they stick out the front
  11. Open bag; put treat inside, if desired
  12. Fold top of open bag down about an inch and staple or tape to secure it closed
  13. Glue head to top of bag
St Nicholas
Click for pattern PDF

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