Saint Nicholas to Print

Stand-up or Ornament

by Lacy Rabideau, Catholic Icing

Make Saint Nicholas as a nice stand-up figure, or as an ornament. This is NOT a project for pre-schoolers or early elementary children. It requires careful attention to detail and is a bit challenging to put together. The figures are six inches tall.

Saint Nicholas with money bag and crozier
Printed in color
Saint Nicholas with money bag and crozier
Printed in black & white and colored with markers


  • Cardstock
  • Laminating sheets, if desired to make more durable figure


  • Color printer
  • Scissors
  • Markers, crayons, or coloring pencils
  • String or yarn if making ornaments
  • Glue—glue dots, dry adhesive, or glue stick or tape


  • Print PDF on cardstock in color or black and white, if you want to do your own coloring
  • If using black and white figure, color figure before cutting out
  • Laminate, for a more durable figure
  • Cut carefully around the solid outside lines: main body piece, 2 arms, mustache, money bag, and crozier
  • Wrap main body piece into a cone (this may be a little tricky) and secure with tape or glue
    (tape is easier, but glue makes a nicer figure)
  • Fold arms in half lengthwise, secure with glue inside; trim as needed
  • Attach arms to figure, sticking out on the sides so he can hold the money bag and crozier
  • Attach mustache, money bag, and crozier
  • To make ornament, cut string or yarn about 10-inches long
  • Use large needle to carefully poke holes in each side of the miter, thread string or fine yarn through the holes to make look to hang ornament.
Color PDF

Printable Advent Saints from Catholic Icing

Printable Advent Saints contains twelve ornaments or figures for the Advent season: St. Nicholas, St. Lucy with a Star Boy, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Juan Diego, St. Francis, St. Anne the mother of Mary (for the Immaculate Conception), St. Barbara, St. Andrew with Christmas Novena, St. John of the Cross, the three Wise Men, and the Holy Family in a crèche. This inexpensive set has a color and a black and white PDF for each of the figures. It is a lovely way for older children, not pre-schoolers, to learn about these saints in the Advent season. Purchase from Catholic Icing.

From Printable Advent Saints by Lacy Rabideau, copyright © Catholic Icing 2014. Used by permission.

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