St. Nicholas Monuments in Poland

St. Nicholas is found in many places besides churches. Click for larger images.


This image of St. Nicholas is on the front of the Nicholas Hotel in Krackow.

Image detail
Photos: J M Rosenthal/SNS
Hotel sign


The statue of St. Nicolaas, children's patron saint, is in front of the former Rabka train station, now just a railway stop. It is said to be the only public statue of St. Nicholas in Poland, blessed by John Paul II when installed December 6, 2004.. He is the patron saint of Rabka. There are just three cities marked on the globe: Rabka-Zdroj, as he is to care for the children treated in this spa town; Myra, in Turkey where he was a bishop; Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland, said to be St. Nicholas home.

Photo: Napoleon.c, Wikipedia
Photo: Tappenflap, Wikipedia
Photos: Rabka-Zdroj
Train station
Photo: Sanatorium Cegielski
Train station
Photo: Rabka-Zdroj

Kazimierz Dolny

The St. Nicholas relief is on the front of the St. Nicholas House on the Market Square in Kazimierz Dolny. The townhouses were built in the early 1600s by two merchant brothers, Nicholas and Christopher Przybyla. The two houses are dedicated to their patron saints: St. Nicholas and St. Christopher. The brothers were prosperous grain merchants. The Nicholas house was restored after the war. St. Nicholas House has been featured on two Polish stamps in 1954 and 1975.

Relief carving
Photos: Robert Jacek Tomczak Wikipedia
St Nicholas House
St. Nicholas House
St Nicholas & St Christopher houses
The two houses: St Nicholas & St Christopher, right

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