St. Nicholas Monuments in Switzerland

St. Nicholas is found in many places besides churches. Click for larger images.

Küssnacht am Rigi

The annual Klausjagen festival is commemorated in public art in Küssnacht.

Colorful depiction of festival
Photo: Jo Hermanns, used by permission

The Klausjagen figures were dedicated on Clausjagengasse during the 2010 festival.

Figure with whip
Photos: Marcus Vankan
Figure with iffele
Used by permission
Figure with cowbell
Figure with horn

Relief carving showing men with cowbells and iffelen.

Photos: Marcus Vankan, used by permission


The statue of St. Nicolas is on a residence near the St. Nicolas Cathedral. It looks as if it were at one time the Confiserie de St. Nicolas.

Photos: Marcus Vankan
Statue in niche
Used by permission
Building front

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