St. Nicolas Monuments in France

St. Nicolas is often honored in France, particularly in Alsace and Lorraine. Click for larger images.

Auxerre, Bourgogne

St. Nicolas statue is in the Place Saint Nicolas square. He is shown as the patron saint of children and sailors.
Statue in niche
Photo: Rindert Brower
Statue in niche
Photo: Mike Klug
Statue in niche
Photo: Mike Klug
Statue on building
Photo: Rindert Brower

Avant-lès-Ramerupt, Champagne-Ardenne

The damaged statue is on the fire brigade building, near the church.
Natural stone statue, head missing
Photo: Patrick Chevallier

Marcilly-sur-Seine, Champgne-Ardenne

The former Hotel St. Nicolas still displays the saint's image, as well as his name in the bricks.
St Nicolas with children, vanquishing the butcher
Photos: Patrick Chevallier
St Nicolas Hotel facade

Epinal, Lorraine

The mosaic of St. Nicolas is in a shopping area near the basilique St. Maurice.
Photos: Nicole & Jean-Paul Maurice


Saint Nicolas is found in the front of a house in Landaville, Vosages, France.
Saint Nicolas
Photos: Jean-Paul Maurice
Saint Nicolas
Saint Nicolas

Strasbourg, Alsace

Pâtisserie Saint Nicolas in Strasbourg.
Terra cotta relief plaque
Photos: Kathy Barry
Terra cotta relief plaque

Sauzon, Bretagne

The sign is for La Beurreée St. Nicolas Boulanger, the bakery across from St. Nicolas church.
Photos: Melopapilles, Cuisine Magazine
Photo: Jacques Oyaux Clochers de France

Yutz, Lorraine

The statue of St. Nicolas was originally at the Saint-Nicolas de Yutz brewery (1898-1986). It is now in front of the Saint-Nicolas church.
Statue closeup
Photos: Marcus Vankan
Full figure
Full figure
Photo: Francois 40,000 Clochers
Statue in front of church tower
Postcard: St Nicholas Center Collection

Riquewihr, Alsace

The Hôtel Saint-Nicolas features the good saint on the sign for its restaurant.
Figure on sign
Photos: Nicole & Jean-Paul Maurice
Photo: Hôtel Saint-Nicolas
Hotel entrance


St. Nicolas fountain near the center of the village.
Photos: Jo Hermanns, used by permission
Saint Nicolas statue
Fountain with statue


The cross dedicated to St. Nicolaas, the Patron of sailors, stands on the Vieux pont de Gien, the "Old Bridge of Gien." This is the third bridge, built in 1734, across the Loire at Gien. The cross is at the center point of the bridge.
Photo: Otto Trewes
Used by permission
Photo: Roulex_45,Wikipedia
Used under a GNU Free Documentation License
Photo: Otto Tewes
Used by permission


The statue of St. Nicolas is on the top of a house across the street from the Barfleur Saint-Nicolas Church.
Saint-Nicolas statue
Photos: Anneke van Neer
Used by permission
Saint-Nicolas statue
Saint-Nicolas statue

Nancy, Lorraine

Signs for the Saint Nicolas festival.
Photos: Marcus Vankan,
used by permission


St. Nicolas is found outside the entrance to the restaurant Chez Felix on rue des Chats.
Sait Nicolas carving
Photos: Patrick Chevalier
St Nicolas carving
Photo: Georges L., Trip Advisor
Building exterior
Photos: Patrick Chevalier


Saint-Nicolas, Patron Saint of Lorraine

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