St. Nicholas

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When tempests rage


Saint Nicholas, Patron Saint of Sailors
Artist: Ken Widing, Spring Lake, Michigan
St Nicholas Center Collection

When tempests rage, the storm-tossed sea,
Its dangers, sailors strive to flee.
The cries from ship to shore are clear;
They echo far so all can hear:
       St Nicholas the sailors friend
       Stay with us now, our lives defend.

A mighty word, the saint extends
To ask the Lord, your mercy send,
That holding tight the tiller's frame
The storms will cease and all be tame:
       St Nicholas the sailors friend
       Your prayers surround us to life's end.

Now bless us on the sea of life,
As we against all deadly strife
Live out our lives courageously
At home, at work and on the sea:
       O wonderworker and our friend
       Your blessing to us now extend.

Text: J M Rosenthal, March 2008
Tune: MELITA (Eternal Father, strong to save; Navy Hymn) 88 88 88

Musical notation PDF

By the Revd Deacon James M Rosenthal, All Hallows by the Tower, London, England UK. Used by permission.

Mp3 file courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.
Audio player from 1pixelout, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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