St. Nicholas

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Good Saint Nicholas of Myra

Maria Laach
"St. Nikolaus," Sr. Theonilla Hening
Abei Herstelle Maria Laach
Holy card, Germany
St Nicholas Center Collection

Good Saint Nicholas of Myra,
deeds and legends tell his fame.
Saintly bishop, friend of children
Bari pilgrims chant the name:

Bless’d Nicholas, Bless’d Nicholas
He loved all in Jesus' name

Miracles and signs and wonders,
he performed to praise the Lord.
For a poor and weary people
source of care and joy outpoured:


Sailors, nations, people thank him
for the message that he brought.
Young and old now hail the memory
Of the lessons that he taught:


May his ways of true devotion
guide us on our earthly way.
Challenge us to be more like him
as Christ's gospel we obey:


Father, Son and Holy Spirit
bind us in community,
so that we with holy Nicholas
might eternal glory see:


Text: J M Rosenthal, 1999

Musical notation PDF
or REGENT SQUARE 87 87 87

Musical notation PDF

By the Lay Canon J M Rosenthal. Used by permission.

Mp3 files courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.
Audio player from 1pixelout, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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